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Legend of Zelda Art
i will so some Legend of Zelda art for you guys! just PLEASE let me know what style you want it in, like 3D (MMD) or drawn on paper then photographed and redone digitally (MSPAINT and
I will do Grimdark images of your OC or of ANY favorite character you like from a certain Fandom (I.E: Sonic, Cardfight Vanguard, Yugioh ect) WARNING: these are EXPENSIVE AS FUCK!
Fusion 6 - any number higher
Fusions 2-5
please Specify what pokemon you want fused you can have up to 5 pokemon put into one fusion with this FUSECorp REBORN commission option i'll also throw in a special fusemon made to fit a certain fandom of my choosing if you pay 20 or more points
OC Drawings
i will do art of your OCs! though please note that i will get some designs wrong so
Loz OC Drawings
Same as the first OC drawings commission but LoZ OCs this time!
SU Gemsonas
i will do SU Gemsona OCs for you guys however please state whether they are homeworld gems or crystal gems so
MLP OC Ponies
i will do your Pony OCs wether they be Ponymons or whatever
MLP Art of your favorite ponies or even your ocs!
Undertale OCs
i will draw your Undertale OCs (please don't let them ALL be skele-font OCs.....)

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Soon by GuilTronPrime Soon :iconguiltronprime:GuilTronPrime 3 2
One last oc of mine is free to ship.

Phiron (Evil Phire) - Shipped with Derizella by DeathBoneDragon666 

Tango - Shipped with Grappee by ShadowDemonSlade 

If you want to pair one up with one of your oc's go for it. I'll update the journal with your oc's name next to it and your username //mainly so i dont forget XD
:icontheonephun211:TheOnePhun211 4 52
Whos giggling now? by soupcanz Whos giggling now? :iconsoupcanz:soupcanz 43 29 Difficulty levels - Draco by GuilTronPrime Difficulty levels - Draco :iconguiltronprime:GuilTronPrime 1 13 Mark vs Jack fighting clip (animation by maskman626 Mark vs Jack fighting clip (animation :iconmaskman626:maskman626 5,366 445 Some Exorcist BS by ColossusNightshade Some Exorcist BS :iconcolossusnightshade:ColossusNightshade 10 29
Come see if you are qualified to be a Smiling Advocate through The Ministry of Joy's test! Now available!
Tell us what your score is!
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how many faves can this journal get
aaaaaaaaaand go
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mAX POW ER by vegeboob mAX POW ER :iconvegeboob:vegeboob 4 7 Riker and Kouta by Corsica-Azalea Riker and Kouta :iconcorsica-azalea:Corsica-Azalea 2 2
Kind of Free Plague Creature Customs [OPEN]
haunter emoticon 
Kind of Free Plague Creature Customs
Basicly you HAVE TO DRAW THEM to keep them & you MUST upload the art to DA not btw :3
Hunter - Draw within 1 month
Watcher - Draw within 2 weeks
Alchemist - Draw within 1 week
If you don't draw them within the time then the pc will no longer be yours
You must draw a shaded bust or a flat fullbody it's your choice ;3
After the first drawing the pc will be yours forever until you trade them or something XD
Please read the rules & info on the PC group before commenting
Colors: (Please link me a pallet)
Type: (Hunter, Watcher or Alchemist)
Theme: (What the pc will be the
:iconchexadopt:ChexAdopt 4 24
Seeing Eye 9S by Ming-GID Seeing Eye 9S :iconming-gid:Ming-GID 25 11 smALL CHILD by vegeboob smALL CHILD :iconvegeboob:vegeboob 4 3



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


should i add Ash ketchum and his friends from kalos? *thinking*
what vocaloid fits what Blazetale: worlds collide character? i'll make a list in a journal
i wonder how Bete Bestimmung (Betty from blazetale + Frisk) would look like hmmmmm
vegeboob i don't care if our help isn't working me RoadBusterReborn NeosTH2001 and ShreddTN100 WILL NEVER FUCKING GIVE UP ON YOU!!!!! WE WILL KEEP TRYING TO SAVE YOU EVEN IF WE HAVE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
ik page 1 is not out yet but heres the poll for what animal good!betty will turn into: that means GET TO VOTING!
i think Omnimon makes a GREAT Asgore for digitale xD


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Clarifying Points on RWBY dA DramaUpdate 2 (36 hours later) (This came out late, the submission got saved into my drafts instead)
joeslak (a very new account, may I mention) has written a hilariously similar journal to this one, but attack me instead and using language quite inappropriate for public discourse. While I have been mean and used strong words here, they are outright swearing and attacking me ad-hominem, not to mention lying. I have already sent them a Note disproving several of their points, but go read it in any case. They want attention, they'll get it.
Update 1 (12 hours later)
knives4cash has now messaged me about lying and misrepresenting him. I find it difficult to see where I could possibly be lying within my statements, as most of his dedicated paragraph are opinions and otherwise fully-provable facts. It is interesting that I requested attacks on others be directly messaged to me,
 read this for the whole story

namase... *bows solemnly* now onto this

i got a notification that a user by the name of YangXiaoLong3 wanted to invite me to the group RWBYGreatest i declined it naturally knowing that it was just another person wanting to get me into a group where i would be vulnerable to art thieves and honestly with RWBY's involvement indirectly in this group its kinda getting a bit too ridiculous and the fact that the ADMINS are friendly to thieves but RUDE to actual artists its justy! UUGH sorry for the little rant just had to get it off my chest because one time they denied my RWBY team image template! when i made it to help make it EASIER ON THE ARTISTS! you can find the template here: RWBY Team Template just me its worth it after i took a long time to FUCKING MAKE IT! 

Anyway yeah thats the end of my rant you can read the journal i put the thumbnail to in this journal thank you for taking the time to read this


- Deathbonedragon666
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Best friend: :iconshreddtn100: :icongrimmwolf360: :iconflaredoesart: :iconkhundertalefan25: :iconroadbusterreborn: :iconneosth2001:

Blind Hate by SA948-Stamps

I Support The Smiler Stamp by ColossusNightshade

Pro FCxCC stamp by SA948-Stamps

Immortality Does Not Equal Mary Sue by Novadestin

Stamp: Respect by Riza-Izumi

Mary-Sue Witch Hunt Stamp by KissTheThunder

Stamp: Self-insert does not always mean Mary-Sue. by Catthylove

Stamp: OC does not always mean Mary-Sue by Catthylove

Contrary to popular belief... by Catthylove

Mary Sues? meh by Squids-Stamps

Stamp: Because it REALLY harms you. by Catthylove

NO, STOP. by UmbrellaUnrequired

No Witch Hunts by JaybieJarrett

Say no........................ by Adrian-Peirce

Stamp: don't judge our characters! by Jeshika-Haruno

Character design stamp by SA948-Stamps

Shut Up About Mary-Sues by nonobadpup

Pro OCxCanon Stamp by ReikoChan

OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather

My oc... by Atlanta-Hammy

Stamp: our characters deserve A CHANCE! by Jeshika-Haruno

Such An Over-Rated Word by KessieLou

Sue Stamp by Ame-Yuku

Powerful, Not Mary Sue by Novadestin

A Third OC Stamp by lady-warrior

I Love My OCs Stamp by FireFoxOmicron

.: Stamps OC :. by Seppyo

Branwyn: Wǒ ài yào wáng~! (Romaji: 我愛藥王~!) (English: I love Yao Wang~!)

never ever ask for password EVERRRRR
I have visions...........................................

Admins really into Bondage idky though I guess I shouldnt get into it

Normal girls want to marry Princes, we want to marry Killers
Normal girls play Dress up, we Cosplay
Normal girls eat Ice cream when depressed, we eat Cheesecake
Normal girls wouldn't ever Go into the woods at night, we go searching for Slenderman
Normal girls freak out over a broken nail, we freak out over a broken knife
Normal girls wear Bows, we wear Beanies
Normal girls say weird, we say cool
Normal girls ask why did you do that?, we say you shouldn't have done that
Normal girls say go to hell, we say GO.TO.SLEEP.
Normal girls say Link, we say BEN Drowned
Normal girls think Jeff is ugly, we think he is Beautiful
Normal girls say Cannibal, we say Eyeless Jack
Normal girls say go die in a hole, we say you've met with a terrible fate haven't you?
Normal girls fan girl over band boys, we fan girl over Psycho Killers
Repost if you love Creepypasta put this on your profile if you're a true fan girl.

Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke oh Inumaru101 and OneColoredLily can request stuff

I guess i ship ScotFra (ScotlandXFrance) and UKXScot (brotherly love shipping)

I am easily annoyed if someone starts poking their noses somewhere they shouldnt have

i will do new fusions if you click this link i am very generous ^^



SAVE THE CREEPYPASTASWho here still believes in Creepypasta . . . They're fading away . . .
Jeff: Help, we're fading away!
Slenderman: Those girls are giving us a bad name.
Masky: Yeah, I-I still have s-some ch-cheesecake . . .
Hoodie: P-Please H-Help U-Us . . .
Toby: Please d-don't forget u-us . . . *Twitch*
Eyeless Jack: Please . . . Think about Sally.
Sally: Please, Miss or Mister! I don't want to be forgotten . . .
Laughing Jack: Please, *Sobs* I'm not laughing now . . . *Sobs*.
Jane: Remember us, . . . please?
Ben: I still have to beat Dead Rising 3, Titan Fall! I won't beat it without you! D:
Zalgo: I promise that I won't kill you in your sleep if you repost this . . .
The Rake: I won't kill you, either.
Please Repost This. Because of the twelve year old girls almost killing their friend because of Slenderman, they have given the Creepypastas a bad a name.
Every five seconds, a Creepypasta fan turns against Creepypastas.
Think about Sally.
Repost this with hashtag, #weloveyoucreepypasta .
Markiplier: Clothespin Challenge Stamp by Oreleth


Shizuo stamp by Superpluplush Shizuo stamp by Superpluplush Kida stamp by Superpluplush Stein stamp by Superpluplush Canwyn by DeathBoneDragon666 BranwynXIzaya by DeathBoneDragon666 Branwyn X Endou by DeathBoneDragon666

ADMIN'S NAME!! :iconaqua-bplz::iconaqua-rplz::iconaqua-aplz::iconaqua-nplz::iconaqua-wplz::iconaqua-yplz::iconaqua-nplz:

the Zwlener are a CLOSED SPECIES

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